U.S. thieves don't target Prius

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The National Insurance Crime Bureau in the United States has taken a closer look at how often car thieves target the Toyota Prius, Autoblog reports.

The most popular hybrid in North America has a very low theft rate, and when it does get stolen, law enforcement are quick to return the machine to its rightful owners. All told, 2008-2012 Prius models saw a theft rate of one in 606 vehicles compared to one in 78 for all models on the road from the same model year period. Just 2,439 Prius hybrids were stolen in the U.S. between September 4, 2000 and June 30, 2012.

California takes the lion’s share of those thefts, with 1,062. Florida took second place with 127, followed by New York, Washington and Texas. Toyota has sold 1.2 million Prius models in the U.S., half of all hybrid vehicles on the road today.

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  • U.S. thieves don't target Prius

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