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Peter Bleakney's 2013 memories Sharing the wheel wealth

Well, I just can't help but burn through an extra tank of fuel giving rides to my neighbours and gear-head friends.

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Sometimes, I think the best part of this job is sharing the wealth.

Granted, we drive our fair share of run-of-the-mill wheels, but on the odd occasion when something special shows up in the driveway ? say an Audi R8 V10 or Jaguar F-Type – well, I just can’t help but burn through an extra tank of fuel giving rides to my neighbours and gear-head friends.

For the uninitiated, the ballistic acceleration and feral howl of the 583-hp gullwing Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG can be, quite frankly, a life-changing experience. So, too, the lateral g-forces Nissan’s GT-R hypercar can generate.

Another big hit this year was the raucous exhaust note of Jag’s V6 F-Type S. Did I just push the sport exhaust button or is that the Wicked Witch of the West perched on our decklid gargling with tequila?

Through this benevolence, my catalogue of unprintable expletives has increased exponentially.

Porsche 911s are also a popular item. They say the token back seats of this rear-engined icon are uninhabitable. Not true. You?d be surprised how many are willing to squeeze back there just to get a ride. Granted, it’s mostly kids who brave those perches, but get a 911 Cabriolet out on a sunny day and real adults seem perfectly willing to chew their knees in order to feel the breeze and hear the wail of that flat-six.

I took the BMW M6 Gran Coupe to Grand Bend for a week while working on Monty Python’s nutty Spamalot musical at the Huron Country Playhouse. This is a big, beautiful and supremely luxurious car that runs like the hounds of hell – and, at a price of $160,000, it bloody well should.

As the current king of BMW’s M division, it was only fitting that the M6 should hold court with King Arthur and his patsy (conveniently named Patsy).

Was the King impressed? You bet. He only has one horse. This sleek four-door boasts 560 of ’em.

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