Toronto pit stop on 32,000 km drive

The shortest distance between point A and point B is a straight line. But if you can make that trip in a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, a longer route ” say 32,000 kilometres over 85 days on two continent

Second-Hand: Porsche 911

How ironic that the Porsche 911 was unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show in 1963 ” the same year Valium was introduced. Talk about diametrically opposed concepts.

New dates boost clout of L.A. show

The Los Angeles International Auto Show traditionally has preceded and overlapped the North American International Auto Show, held in Detroit in early January.

Audi S8

Price: base/as tested $129,700/$149,600

Eclectic group sweet on Swedish wheels

To the staccato pop-pop-pop of its three-cylinder engine, the little car rolled across the lawn at the Lars Anderson Auto Museum, catching everyone's attention.

B&O's high-end car audio

One of the most interesting option packages of recent years makes its debut on the new $130,000 Audi S8 performance sedan.

Police spread word of new safety law

To increase safety, Ontario's Highway Traffic Act requires motorists when approaching a police, fire or ambulance vehicle stopped with its red lights flashing in the same direction of travel, either i

Wartime auto history preserved in Oshawa

Tacked to the wall above the equipment in the back of the World War II-vintage radio truck is that traditional icon of a soldier's personal space: an 8-by-10 pin-up photo of a glamorous Hollywood film

Missed servicing led to brake work, Honda says

Q My 2003 Honda Civic LX (73,800 km) was serviced at Midland Honda. The right rear brake drum had cracked and partially separated, and both rear drums needed replacement. The car was just 19 months ol