Innovations raise bar on noise barriers

The kindest way to describe most of the noise barrier walls that have been built along the edge of Ontario's highways is "boring." But some might call them just plain ugly and, since th

Who gets sound barriers?

In Ontario, noise barriers may be constructed with new or expanded highways or retrofitted along existing ones. The goal is to reduce noise levels to 55 decibels, based on the estimated perception of

`Art car' buffs drive own road

NEW YORK CITY—Emily Duffy's Honda Odyssey is festooned with 250 bras glued into the shape of a giant bra atop the minivan's bright pink hood.

The blessings of bikes

There wasn't much space on the sidewalk, but there was no other choice. The rainbow over Niagara Falls came down at only one spot, and the photo of the bike would look great with its colours in t

Dealer can set car price

Q Do dealers have to honour the auto maker's posted window sticker price, even if it's wrong, or can they change it?