Windstar interior wins plaudits

Here's some friendly advice for auto service managers: Don't act surprised when a customer complains about transmission woes or other problems you know are endemic to the model.

Stolen classic cars take long road home

Like a ghost ship emerging from the mist or a presumed-dead relative knocking at the door, the reappearance of a car stolen many years ago comes as a shock to its rightful owner.

`Perfect storm' strands motorists for 24 hours

The governor of Pennsylvania has ordered a review of the state's "unacceptable" response to an ice and snow storm that left thousands of people stranded, some for more than a day, on long sections of

A good Ford SUV deserves better

I anthropomorphize cars. I can't help it. Some overly empathetic fold in my brain wants to make a steel-and-glass thing into a character, a persona, an avatar, a material semblance of the people and t

CR-V: better beats bigger

One of the things I've long admired about Honda is its commitment to what I might call engineering minimalism.

Jim Paulson a priceless friend of racing

Jim Paulson was one of those rare individuals who didn't have an enemy in the world. He was a long-time Toronto radio personality and the voice of auto racing at many Ontario circuits and speedways. I

Chopped memories

This motorcycle, known as the Birth Of A Nation Chopper, was originally a stock 2005 113-cubic-inch Ultra SDT.

Supercharged no poseur

At the 1970 Earls Court Motor Show in London, British Leyland pulled the wraps off the first Range Rover.

Billboards can pick out Mini owners

Each day, it seems, marketers go further in their quest to deliver messages so engaging and personalized that one cannot help feeling special.

Central Tech sweeps the competition

Society usually awards the exceptional. Everything from bald celebrities, to tall buildings, to high-horsepower machines vie for media attention.

See it at the AutoShow

You can see the Fisker Tramonto at the Canadian International AutoShow today through to Feb. 25.