Ford Fiesta ST at Geneva

Ford Fiesta ST storms into Geneva

At this week’s Geneva Motor show, Ford Performance will publicly reveal the next generation Ford Fiesta ST powered by an all-new 200 hp, three-cylinder, 1.5-litre EcoBoost engine.

Florida keys

The End of the Road

The road is a series of hump-backed bridges and causeways, an asphalt umbilical cord that joins a necklace of islands stretching into the Gulf of Mexico.

The Fate of the Furious

Dodge gets faster and more furious

Dodge and SRT Dodge Chargers and Challengers are featured in the newest chapter of one of the most popular and enduring motion-picture serials of all time – The Fast and the Furious.

Bentley Bentayga Mulliner

Bentley announces bespoke Bentayga Mulliner

The exclusive Bentley Bentayga Mulliner has unique features including a new Mulliner Bottle Cooler, unique 22-inch wheel design, new veneer concept and a bespoke Mulliner interior colour split with co

Arteon fastback

VW to reveal Arteon fastback in Geneva

Debuting at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, the new VW Arteon fastback model will be positioned above the Passat featuring headlamps and a radiator grille that merge to create completely new front end

Ford GT Competition

Ford GT Competition offers more weight saving

The Ford GT Competition Series offers weight-saving innovations such lightweight carbon fibre racing stripes, A-Pillars, and side mirrors, unique engine hatch with integrated venting that distinguishe

Corsa tire

McLaren Super Series set for Geneva

The second-generation McLaren Super Series, debuting at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, will offer a blend of extreme performance and driving sophistication unmatched in the supercar segment.

Turbo S E-Hybrid

Panamera plug-in hybrid debuts in Geneva

The new 2018 Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, debuting at the Geneva Motor Show, is the first time that a flagship of a Porsche model line has been offered as a plug-in hybrid model.


Camaro ZL1 hits 198 mph

ZL1, the fastest Camaro ever, ripped a hole in the air at Germany’s Papenburg High Speed Oval attaining 198 mph (318 km/h).