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Obama’s presidential limo breaks down after fuel gaffe

Published March 20, 2013


Barack Obama’s first visit to Israel as President of the United States is memorable for many reasons — including the fueling blunder that sidelined his state-of-the-art limo, dubbed “the Beast”.

Apparently the limo broke down because it was filled with diesel instead of regular gas, the Times of Israel reported. A replacement was hurriedly ordered in from Jordan.

Israeli media reported the gaffe, complete with pics of the Beast being hauled away on a flatbed. “The Americans filled it up with diesel, rather than petrol,” Channel 2 reported, noting that it was Americans, not Israelis, who were responsible for the gas gaffe.

The Cadillac-badged Beast is no ordinary vehicle. Fitted with bulletproof glass, a night vision camera, tear gas canisters, and run-flat tires, it’s designed to withstand terrorist attacks among other things. Click here to watch a video of an in-depth look at the presidential limo’s many security features.

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