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Man pays traffic ticket with dollars folded into origami pigs


Getting a ticket from a police officer is never fun. So a witty driver found a more creative way to channel his anger over his traffic violation.

Autoblog Canada reports the man paid the set fine by folding an army of 137 origami “ticket pigs” out of single $1 bills and taking them to the municipal court.

“So I had to pay a ticket… Could I just go in and pay? Hell no! I spent something like six hours making 137 origami pigs, put them in Dunkin Donuts boxes and paid in style.”

The prankster dedicated over six hours to folding the massive pile of one-dollar pigs. His idea was in response to being fed up with the “money trap” by local police and red light cameras and just in case the $137 in cash pigs wasn’t funny enough, he placed them inside of two Dunkin Donut boxes for his extra special delivery.

Watch the hidden pocket-cam video of this entertaining encounter below.