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Lamborghini spells its own name wrong on the Egoista


Anyone know how to spell “Lamborghini?” Good, then can you tell Lamborghini how to spell Lamborghini?

When the Italian automaker unveiled its ridiculously awesome Egoista concept car at the Schloss Bensberg Concours in Germany recently, jaws dropped.

Why? For one thing, because it’s ridiculously awesome. For another thing, because the company had spelled its own name wrong on the badge on its rear end. (Either that or this car was manufactured by an all-new Italian supercar company called “Lamborginih.”)

Word quickly spread and Lamborghini scrambled to swap out the misspelled badge, but not before several photographers had snapped pictures of it.

Click here to see the Egoista’s shame, photographed at the Concours by Philipp Lohmann.