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'Kidnapped woman' truck art has Texas company on the hotseat


WACO, TEXAS — A Texas sign company has lit a powderkeg of local controversy by creating a truck tailgate decal depicting a woman tied up in the back of a truck.

The image, modelled by one of Hornet Signs’ own employees and applied to another employee’s truck, looks so real that several concerned citizens called 911 to report a possible kidnapping, according to CarBuzz.

Hornet Signs owner, Brad Kolb (see video below), admits he was a little taken aback by reaction to the decal. He noted the company doesn’t “condone this by any means.”

Instead, he says, “it was more or less something we put out there” to see if it got noticed.

And yes, it got noticed. In a big way. But is get-attention-by-any-means a good business strategy?

The blowback has been pretty heated, with a Facebook page devoted to opinions on the shockingly lifelike decal garnering almost nothing but negative feedback.

Noted one woman: “Abduction or any violence against women is not funny or cute.”

Watch the video here and see some other samples of Hornet Signs’ attention-grabbing decals.