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Jim Kenzie's 2013 memories Yeah, that $2.5M Bugatti would be a highlight


Lots of great memories from this past year. Some of which I can even mention in a family newspaper.

Targa Newfoundland is always right up there, although we didn?t do as well as we?d hoped this year.

We took some weight out of our Kia Optima Turbo, added better suspension, and some terrific AP Racing brakes.

But on Stage Two, Day One, a resident had left his hose running down his driveway, leaving a huge puddle right at the braking point for a 90-degree left.

When you?re at the limit, ABS won?t react in time. Off we went.

At least I didn?t hit the MINI that had done the exact same thing 30 seconds earlier.

The resulting high-speed farming didn?t damage the car too badly ? we did finish ? but we missed a few stages getting the car evaluated.

Wait till next year.

So I guess I?d have to rank driving a 1,200-horsepower Bugatti Veyron at the top of my list.

Twelve-hundred horsepower! $2.5 million!

If I added up the value of all the cars I have driven in my career, would it come to $2.5 million?

The car was bright orange. I drove it near Orangeville, on Highway 10, one of Ontario?s most heavily police-patrolled roads.

There was no licence plate on the car. (Butch Leitzinger, the car?s handler, did have one in his briefcase.)

And I didn?t end up in jail. Any story that ends like that is a good story.

Yes, the windows do roll up automatically at 150 km/h. Don?t ask me how I know ? cops might be reading this.

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