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Jaguar blows the feathers off Benz's 'dancing chicken' ad

Has anyone noticed that car ads are becoming increasingly clever, offbeat and sometimes not even really about cars at all?

Take Mercedes-Benz’s ‘dancing chicken’ ad, in which plump red hens seductively bob and ride the waves of an imaginary road. The ad was meant to evoke the experience of the Magic Body Control system used in the S-Class, although as CarBuzz noted, “realistically, the two things aren’t that similar at all.”

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But the goal of advertising is to draw attention to the product, and this ad certainly worked because it immediately went viral.

And now Jaguar has come up with an even funnier response ad that everyone is going to love. Er, except maybe the chicken.

You can watch both ads here. (Make sure to watch the Benz ad first!)

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  • Jaguar blows the feathers off Benz's 'dancing chicken' ad