Is this the most arbitrary speed limit sign ever?

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This is the speed limit sign in the “Shoppes at Done Milles”, the pretentiously-renamed Don Mills Mall.

OK, I might have gone a bit overboard on the Olde Englishe spellynge.

But 17 kilometres per hour.

Not 16.

Not 18.

Exactly, 17.

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I would have loved to have been sitting in that conference room when this was being debated.

“Oh no, Morry. If they go 18, our patrons will be slaughtered by the hundreds.

“And 16? That’s just SO slow; they’ll be so bored they’ll all go over to Yorkdale and we’ll never see them again!

“Nope – 17 it is.”

Geez, how do they enforce that? Do radar guns register that slow?

Maybe this is a number that got converted from imperial, as if maybe it’s some sort of shopping mall standard set in the United States?

Well, 17 kilometres an hour is 10.56 miles per hour.

Seems like a strange number.

Now, 10 miles per hour converts to 16.09 km/h.

Maybe they did that conversion and rounded up?

Actually, “over-rounded” up?

I dunno.

Anybody got a clue?

  • Is this the most arbitrary speed limit sign ever?

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