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Insider Report: Watch a tug-of-war between two rare Ferraris


The elusive folks behind the Tax the Rich supercar videos have done it again. They have released what may be their most spectacular video of supercars in action to date. Instead of just showing cars blasting through some tunnel in Monaco, these guys get the cars good and dirty while flogging the stuffing out of them.

In this video, a pair of super rare Ferrari F50s are put through the ringer. How rare are they? The red one is one of 302 red cars built, while the yellow F50 is one of only 31. The cars both start off in a barn before tearing up some gravel country roads. The final scene takes place in a cobblestone courtyard, where the two prancing ponies engage in a tug-of-war, complete with massive amounts of tire smoke. Certainly not what Enzo envisioned his cars doing, but great fun!

The Bus
Regular readers of the Insider Report know that I’m a big fan of the fibreglass dune buggy. This love for the VW-powered buggy certainly spills over into the land of the Beetle and the Bus. I have always wanted one of each and the onset of spring has me scouring the classifieds every few days. All three vehicles can best be called affordable, driveable classics that will never lose value.

I just came across this trailer for a 2011 video called The Bus, which chronicles America’s love of the iconic Volkswagen van. This great flick is making it difficult for me to control my eBay bidding finger.

“The Bus” Trailer from Firewater Film Company on Vimeo.

Ken Block hoons Ford Fiesta ST with fans on board
While on his recent Hungarian promo tour, when he wasn’t hooning it up in a local beater, Ken Block fulfilled his duties as Ford’s head thrill artist by taking fans for a ride on ice in a Fiesta ST. Held on a huge ice rink, without the ice, in Budapest, the fans were contest winners from around Europe.

For Sale: Porsche 935 “Moby Dick”
Given a nickname like Moby Dick, you might envision a car that is whale-like in every way. But when it comes to the Porsche 935 that bears the serial number 935-007, however, you would be wrong. With 845 turbocharged horsepower, 007 was the meanest Porsche 935 ever built. A beast among beasts. It is now being offered for sale by Freisinger Motorsport in Germany. The price is only available upon serious inquiry. In other words, if you have to ask…

Check out a recent video of Moby Dick in action.

The Unrideables
They called them unrideable. I never had the opportunity to photograph 500 Grand Prix bikes in action, but they certainly look spectacular! This is a brief trailer for a new documentary about the machines called The Unrideables, from the U.K.