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Insider report: Watch a home-built Batpod on the streets of Vietnam


I’ve never been there, but all of the videos I’ve seen from Vietnam suggest that two-wheelers are the ride of choice there. With limited budgets to keep old bikes and scooters running, many riders and bike mechanics become pretty handy at fabricating new bits. This guy obviously knows his way around a workshop, as he has created his own Batpod like the one in The Dark Knight Rises movie. I can’t help but be envious of guys who can make something like this out of a pile of steel and some assorted parts!

Vermont farmer crushes seven police cars with a tractor
Yes, you read that right. A 34-year-old man from Newport, Vt., drove a massive tractor over top of seven police vehicles yesterday afternoon. The Burlington Free Press reports that the farmer was upset about being arrested the week before. At that time, he was charged with possession of marijuana and resisting arrest. No word yet as to what the charges will be this time. The incident wiped out more than half of the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department’s 11-car fleet. Thankfully there was nobody in any of the vehicles at the time.

Production of new Mazda6 begins
Over the past weeks, Mazda has been dropping teaser videos of the all new Mazda6 sedan, which is due to be unveiled at the Moscow Auto Show next month. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was hoping that a wagon was going to return to the line-up. Well, production of the new car began in Hofu, Japan yesterday and the first car off the line was indeed a wagon and it looks drop-dead sexy. Here’s to hoping that the five-door version actually ends up in Canadian showrooms!

Lady gets knocked over by Grand Am crew at Indy
One of the biggest draws for fans who buy the most expensive race tickets is the ability to go on the VIP pit walkthrough. Sometimes, these passes even allow fan access to Pit Lane during pre-race activities. At the recent Grand Am race at Indianapolis, that was indeed the case. Some people just don’t understand the dangers involved in racing, while others just think they are above the rules. Youtube user f1fanindy, who shot the video says:

They warned loud and clear, “Get out of the way” We all moved back … what’s so funny is that it seemed like, “Oh, I’m special I don’t have to listen to what I’ve been told.”

In what appears to be a pit stop driver change practice, driver Scott Pruett is hustling to get in to the Chip Ganassi -owned, BMW-powered Daytona Prototype when he pushed the lady out of the way. Scott is a great guy and I’m sure he meant no harm, but some people just have to learn the hard way.