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Insider Report: Watch a dragster spin at 240 km/h and not hit a thing


Dragsters are one of the most scary vehicles I can imagine driving. Once the driver drops the pedal, there really is very little he or she has in the way of control until the brakes are applied in the form of a chute or two. They’re pretty much a semi-guided missile. During a recent race at Atco Dragway in New Jersey, Amy Taub went for a wild ride in her Sportsman Dragster at 240 km/h. Something happened at the back that caused her machine to slew sideways and yet somehow it didn’t hit either wall or the competitor’s car while it did a complete 360. Crazy!

Porsche World Roadshow comes to Ontario
A number of years ago, Porsche Canada made a decision to discontinue their involvement with auto shows and funnel that budget into bringing some of Porsche’s global drive events to this country. The idea being that if a potential customer is waffling between buying a Porsche and another brand, a day behind the wheel of a string of Porsches will steer them right back to the showroom with cheque in hand. I have to say that I was skeptical at first, but I have had the pleasure of attending the first Porsche World Roadshow held at Mosport and the first Camp4 Winter Driving Experience at Mecaglisse in rural Quebec. Both programs are quite literally world class and their success in our market is born out by the incredible sales numbers Porsche has achieved in recent years.

Last week, the World Roadshow made its way back to the now named Canadian Tire Motorsport Park for a week of Porsche 101. The folks from Arctic Film Crew were on hand to capture some of the experience.

V8 Sound check from Le Mans Classic
Before the annual 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Sarthe circuit in rural France comes to life with historic race cars, returning to the site of their previous battles. For some fans, the Le Mans Classic is even more fun than the modern race. The folks at Motorsport Video have compiled a bunch of footage of V8 powered classics at last year’s race. You will see, and hear, the likes of the Ford Gran Torino and Dodge Charger and fearsome Chevy DeKon Monza. This is a great one for you lovers of V8 muscle.

Breaking in the Ultra Bouncer
In the past I’ve shared video of some pretty crazy rock crawling machines here in the Insider Report, but the king of the crazy rock crawler is a guy named Tim Cameron. His newest creation is a buggy called the Ultra Bouncer. It is powered by a massive 632 ci big block Chevy V8 that puts a staggering 1,000+ horsepower through all four wheels. Even Cameron’s break in session is crazy. I would LOVE to drive this thing!