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Insider Report: Watch a Power Ranger get stopped by police


My brain hurts today, so when I saw this Power Rangers spoof video it left me speechless. Somehow I actually thought it was real, until I woke up and did a bit of reading. Created by the folks at Bermuda Triangle Entertainment, this video shows what happens when a wannabe superhero gets pulled over by the police.

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This is how a Top Fuel Dragster works

A top fuel dragster is an amazing bit of explosive machinery. Capable of hitting over 500 km/h in the quarter mile (sorry, standard measure in racing, not converting that one), these long, skinny cars produce more than 8,000 horsepower! How do they do it? The good folks at Popular Mechanics have put together this cool 13-minute video to explain how it’s done.

Sportsnet’s Digital Dose hangs out with the Mayor of Hinchtown

With the 2013 IndyCar season beginning this weekend in St. Pete’s, Sportsnet is already working to build some buzz for the racing series they are broadcasting in Canada. How does one do that? By spending time with the mayor of one of Canada’s coolest towns of course, the fictional Hinchtown. GoDaddy driver James Hinchcliffe, from Oakville (non fictional) is one of the most popular drivers in the series. Kacie Hollins, host of Digital Dose, sits down with Hinch to talk racing, his thoughts on racing in Toronto and his Honda Indy Toronto after party.

Every second counts

Passion. It lives in the heart of each and every motorsports enthusiast, whether they are a fan, a driver, a photographer, a crew member or a corner worker. Passion is what lends photographers and videographers to create some of their best work while shooting motorsport. Passion even trickles down to those fans who use other people’s images, sound bites and videos to create new videos to display their feelings. YouTube user Antti Kalhola is one such person, a fan who creates stunning compilations. Here from back in 2010 is Kalhola’s piece called Motorsport: Every second counts.

Here is how you have fun in winter

Once upon a time, playing around in the snow was a rite of passage for Canadian drivers. Not only was it fun, but it made us better drivers. Now, thanks to Ontario’s draconian “stunt-driving” laws, we no longer see drivers out playing in shopping mall parking lots on snowy nights. Even though private parking lots are not affected by the Highway Traffic Act, stunt driving falls into the realm of the criminal code.

Now, all we can do is watch videos of people having fun in more sensible places, like Nebraska. To quote the folks at 132ovideo on YouTube: “What happens in Nebraska during the winter when it’s too cold and snowy to race? This!”

And at the end of a fun-filled night, they are all better drivers! Imagine that!