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Insider Report: Stunt rider and his backside learn important lesson


When done properly, in a controlled setting, stunt bike riding can be an incredible thing to see. When it is performed by untrained juveniles on public streets, it is downright dangerous, not to mention criminal in some places such as here in Ontario. YouTuber Sitdown Steve has posted this video of one of his riding buddies doing a long stand-up wheelie on the street — until he gets a speed wobble and slams the bike into the median.

As the rider runs towards his fallen bike, clutching his buttocks like a little kid after a spanking, we can hear tires squealing in the background. That’s the sound of a police cruiser pulling up to prevent the unlucky stunter from riding away by ripping him off of his bike. Sitdown Steve doesn’t mention where this took place, but you can be sure the guy would have been cuffed and his bike impounded if it had happened here in Toronto. He should have been!

Dude Perfect takes on stunt driving
I first heard of Dude Perfect a few months ago when they set up a crazy basketball throw off between Canadian Indycar star James Hinchcliffe, Travis Pastrana, Ricky Stenhouse Jr, James Buescher. That was fun, but it was all about the personalities and not about the driving. The dudes at Dude Perfect have decided to have a go at some stunt driving, while also working with a ball sports trifecta of Baseball, Football and Basketball.

The feats of precision ball handling along with some basic stunt driving are outstanding. This one is a must watch for sports and car fans alike.

2015 Ford Mustang prototype caught in camo
From the gang at Mustang6G comes this video of a prototype of the much anticipated 2015 Ford Mustang in motion. Of course the car is heavily draped in camoflage, but the car is clearly smaller and narrower at the aft end. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of it soon.

Evolution of the BMW M3
BMW’s M3 is a modern automotive icon. A car so good that each generation earns its own legions of fans. I have only driven the two most recent variations myself and I can honestly say that both are among my top ten favourite track day cars. YouTube user ElectricFederal visits with BWS Motorsports’ Marc Norris to learn about the evolution of the M3.

The Armor All Viking is repossessing cars!
First off, I must offer up a bit of disclosure here. I do some “ask the expert” type of work for the good people at Armor All. That has absolutely nothing to do with why I am including this video. I have been having a lot of fun watching creative marketing projects recently and this one is just too cute not to share.

Armor All has enlisted their Viking mascot to rid drivers who don’t care for their cars. This quick short shows just how that process works.