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Insider Report: Motorcycles, video cams work against each other

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Got spring fever? Do not ride like this!
There is something about video cameras and motorcycles that turns people’s brains to mush. The following video is a perfect example but it showcases more than just testosterone-fueled meatheads on superbikes. There are also pantsuit-wearing Moms who have clearly been egged on to ride a bike and guys trying to load a moving truck. In all three cases, brains seem to be the missing element.

Is Valentino Rossi the future of NASCAR?
I remember years ago there was a seat swap deal in the U.K. where Damon Hill looked rather silly in a rally car, and Colin McRae would have been on the front row of the most recent F1 race at the circuit it was held at. Sometimes, a real racer is a real racer and their talent transcends disciplines. Others might be quick in one sort of vehicle but not in another. It would seem that bike racing superstar Valentino Rossi is one of those guys.

Just a little bit of an aside here: there has only been one man who was ever World Champion on both two and four wheels. His name is Sir John Surtees, and he started out on bikes. Using that as a measure, you may make your own assessment of Rossi.

Crazy V8 Superboat crash from three angles
While we’re on the topic of different types of racing, let’s switch from pavement to water. Most of us are aware of sailboat racing and have even seen the odd video of drag boats and offshore racers. Many probably don’t realize that there is an aquatic equivalent to automotive road racing. The course is carved out into a race track and then flooded with water. Competitors then race boats that look like your neighbour’s bass boat on steroids through the narrow channels. As is often the case when huge horsepower is involved, sometimes things get a bit out of control. Fortunately, driver Mick Caroll and his co-driver were not injured in this spectacular off-course excursion.

LeMons Wrapup from Gingerman Raceway
Many Americans call the place Gingermun Raceway. I like that the voice behind this video wrapup calls the place Gingerman, because that is how I believe it should be. Tomato, tomato perhaps, but this just feels better to me.

Grammar silliness aside, LeMons is the premiere host of what many call crapcan racing. The goal is for race cars to be cheap and fun, with the emphasis on cheap. Of course, they have to be safe too, but this type of racing is proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun racing. Most teams involved are groups of friends who pool their funds in order to get on track for a bit of a good time.

This is the first time I have included a LeMons video in the Insider Report, I hope you approve.

  • Insider Report: Motorcycles, video cams work against each other
  • Insider Report: Motorcycles, video cams work against each other
  • Insider Report: Motorcycles, video cams work against each other
  • Insider Report: Motorcycles, video cams work against each other