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Insider Report: Toronto Hummer driver hoisted by own road rage


One of the most common questions I am asked about the Insider Report is “all of those crazy dash cam videos are from Russia, why don’t you ever show any from Toronto?” Well, the answer is that there just aren’t that many yet. I have a feeling that this is going to change! Finally, this morning I get to share one that is not only Canadian, but from Toronto!

The driver of a black HUMMER apparently did not like being passed in construction, and let his anger get the best of him. He can be seen trying to bully his way around the car with the dash cam and even hits the car. That’s when the driver of the dash cam used his noodle and called the police. Thanks to the video capture, HUMMER guy reportedly received a raft of charges. All that being said, dash cam guy also seemed like he was being less than courteous himself.

Watch Ontario rally from the sky
One of the coolest developments in the coverage of motorsport has to be the radio controlled “helicopter”. Not really a chopper, these flying camera platforms have anywhere from four to eight electric motors with small propellers that are used to carry high definition cameras overhead. One of these bad boys was used at the quarry stage of the recent Galway-Cavendish Forest Rally in the Kawarthas earlier this month. This is the coolest view you’ll see of Canadian rally action.

Wendel Clark gets into the auto repair business
What does a hockey star do to keep busy when he retires from the game? Well, if you are former Toronto Maple Leafs Captain, Wendel Clark, you go into business. Clark has recently partnered in a new Meineke car care shop, an auto repair chain that is rapidly growing in Ontario. My buddies at Wheels on Edge went for a visit with Clark at his new shop.

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15 Seconds With: 2013 Nissan Titan
For those of you who missed it, yesterday was the first edition of a new series I am trying called 14 Seconds With, where I post a short daily video on Instagram with something to say about my wheels of the week. Today’s edition comes from Silent Lake Provincial Park, near Bancroft, where we have brought along Big Red, a 2013 Nissan Titan to do some work while we camp.