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Insider Report: Tim Allen and his Camaro visit Jay Leno's Garage

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Comedian/actor Tim Allen and his ’68 COPO Camaro paid Jay Leno’s Garage a visit and you can pretty much guess how much of a love-in that turned out to be.

“This feels like a car they would build now,” Leno said of Allen’s replica/resto-mod machine. (On just his second outing in the car since it was finished, you can bet that Allen meant it when he said “That just made my day.”)

Allen’s car isn’t a real COPO Camaro, but that doesn’t matter because it has been so nicely done. So many of these muscle car restorations are less than enjoyable to drive, so it’s really nice to see someone do it right, paying attention to the small details.

On top of all of the visual details, the small block 427 sounds nothing short of incredible. Oh, and the look of absolute terror on Allen’s face when he lights it up for the first time? Priceless.

Watch Leno take the beast for a spin with Allen in the passenger seat. “But will it do a burnout?” Leno asks.  Let’s find out!

Kimi speaks. Says nothing.
Finns tend to be people of few words (something about long winters and the like), and Formula 1 star Kimi Raikkonen says less than most. So the Ferrari media types thought it would be a great idea to shoot an interview with him while he was driving to the head office. Then they chose the worst interviewer they had on staff and sent them out on the road. The only thing more painful than the commentary is the image that Ferrari sent out with the news brief about the video. That image of a sullen-looking Kimi you see above is not a screen grab, it is an official press photo!

Toyota brings in the Muppets for Superbowl ad
With the Superbowl just a couple of weeks away, automotive marketers have their teams in high gear trying to make sure the world sees their ad before everyone else’s. One of the first to drop a teaser is Toyota who have brought in the power of the Muppets to hawk the Highlander. My first impression is that young kids will like it. The question is, will they like it enough to force Mom and Dad to visit the local Toyota dealership?

More vintage street racing: Pontiac, Michigan 1975
Like it or not, but street racing is part of the history of modern car culture. Sure, we all know it is dangerous and irresponsible and all of that bad stuff, but that doesn’t mean we should forget where we came from. Besides, I LOVE vintage racing video, regardless of where it came from. This heritage has to be saved and shared.

Today’s bit of social unrest comes from Pontiac, Michigan, in 1975, where an outlaw road race took place. Complete with a Le Mans style start, where racers ran across the street to hop in their cars and race off down the main drag, right past the city hall! This particular race was actually less outlaw than its name suggested, as the streets had been closed off and 55 cars had entered from tiny sports cars right up to full on Can Am cars. Surprisingly, given its in-town location, there are hardly any spectators around the course.

  • Insider Report: Tim Allen and his Camaro visit Jay Leno's Garage
  • Insider Report: Tim Allen and his Camaro visit Jay Leno's Garage
  • Insider Report: Tim Allen and his Camaro visit Jay Leno's Garage
  • Insider Report: Tim Allen and his Camaro visit Jay Leno's Garage