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INSIDER REPORT: The worst parking job ever?

A driver was trying to play it safe by backing into a parking spot. But a moment's brain cramp turned a routine park job into a total disaster.

Last month, Jim Kenzie went on a little rant about people parking nose-first, rather than the safer method of backing into a spot. That post prompted one of our fellow journalists to deliberately drive into a parking spot during the recent AJAC EcoRun, just to poke fun at our esteemed colleague. The driver in the video below must have read Kenzie?s column though, as he or she was making every attempt to back into a parking spot. The problem arose when the driver mistook the gas pedal for the brakes. The result is a NASA worthy splash down, as the Nissan Tiida (sold here as the Versa) ends up in the river behind the parking lot.

Chevy to market new small SUV in Global market, including Canada but not U.S.

Chevrolet announced yesterday that the new Trax small SUV will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September. The five seat Trax will be sold across 140 countries, including Mexico and Canada, but not the United States. This move resembles the decision to not sell the Orlando in the States. Using words like Muscular, Athletic and Contemporary, Chevrolet is hoping that the crossover will appeal to urban drivers who need a bit of utility. One has to wonder how expensive gas will become before American product planners think it is worth marketing small but practical vehicles on their soil.

Carlos Sainz attacks historic Grand Prix track in an Audi R8 LMS

Few things ignite the imaginations of a racing enthusiast like the thought of ripping around a high banked Grand Prix circuit of the Twenties. Forgetting for a moment that these banked tracks had a tendency to launch cars and drivers into flight, the visual of a car being held up on a nearly vertical banking by nothing more than speed is romantic as can be. No roses needed.

Enter PR Motor TV, Red Bull and Audi. Add in a former WRC Champion and all you need is a track. Sure, there is always Monza, but Sainz is a Spaniard so it makes sense that they would choose a forgotten track in his home country. Sitges Terramar. Never heard of it? Neither had I. The internet tells me that the 2 kilometre track was built to host Grand Prix racing in 1922-23 and that just one GP event was held in October,1923. Financial woes befell the organizers and gate fees from that race went to the contractors. The track was banned from ever hosting another International event, although some local races took place into the Fifties. The obviously well constructed facility is now part of a chicken farm, but that didn?t stop Sainz from getting his full hoon on in the Red Bull liveried Audi. Unless you speak Spanish, zip to the 5:00 mark, when the action starts.

  • INSIDER REPORT: The worst parking job ever?

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