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INSIDER REPORT: The Drift King barrel drifts in Toyota GT-86


In the rest of the world they call it the GT-86. Here in Canada, it is the Scion FR-S. Either way, the hot little rear wheel drive coupe is destined to be an instant classic. The drift community in particular has fallen in love with the GT-86, so the folks at Toyota UK brought in drifting pioneer Keiichi Tsuchiya to challenge a couple of British auto journos to have a go at besting Tsuchiya’s time around an autocross course made up of barrels. Because they can do cool stuff like this in the UK without fear of the fun police intervening, they have invited British enthusiasts out to have a go on the same course too as part of a marketing promotion.

Would you like coffee with your Fiat?

If you think texting while driving is a problem, then how about brewing a coffee on the go? Road & Track has reported that Fiat is planning to offer a Lavazza espresso machine in its Serbian built 500L. The machine uses those newfangled coffee pods to brew, meaning that driver’s won’t have to mess about with coffee filters in the car. Also, the machine will only work when the car is stationary. What do you think, is this an ingenious idea or is Fiat taking the whimsical design battles one step too far?

Mazda6 teasers continue, now revealing profile

Over the past couple of weeks, Mazda has been dropping quick teaser videos of the upcoming Mazda6. As the second vehicle to utilize their Skyactiv design technology, Mazda has a lot riding on the new 6, their fighter in the battle against Accord and Camry. In this latest clip, they give us a shadowy peek at the full profile. What do you think, is it different or sexy enough to take on Honda and Toyota in the sedan wars?

MG Roadster to return. As an SUV?

Ask anyone, I mean ANYONE here in Canada what they think of when they hear the name MG and I would be willing to bet you a coffee that their answer is something along the lines of: A sports car. Here in Canada, that was pretty much all we saw from the British automaker. In other parts of the world, they did make sedans of varying sizes over the years. Now under the ownership of Chinese auto manufacturer Nanjing, MG is soon going to build a new Roadster model, based on a coupe they showed at the Beijing Motor Show earlier this year. Here’s the catch though: the “Roadster” will be a crossover SUV, similar in size to a Nissan Juke! Sadly, it seems that the sports car heritage of the brand is lost on the current owners. As there is no dealer network in Canada, it is unlikely if we will ever see the creature.

Marcelli makes an early exit from hometown race

Hometown hopeful, Kyle Marcelli was having a great race in yesterday’s Grand Prix of Mosport, until about an hour from the end of the three hour race. Marcelli had shown good speed in the Le Mans Challenge class, at times turning laps as fast as the LMP1 leaders until something went wrong and the number 8 had a frightening moment at the end of the Mario Andretti straight, touching the wall at a very high rate of speed and spinning off into the runoff area. Marcelli was unhurt in the incident. I was at that corner when the incident happened, but was unable to track Kyle down after the race to find out what happened. I’ll be sure to update Wheels readers as soon as I have the whole story.