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Insider Report: Taiwanese driver plows over two wheelers

There is an age old saying that goes along the lines of “don’t touch my motorcycle if you know what’s good for you”, although it likely has a bit more grit when it is used for real. Despite the Hollywood clich? where some dufus backs into a row of choppers, I also suspect that the protective feeling carries over to riders of scooters and the like in other parts of the world.

What you are about to see could easily be a movie shoot as a lady attempts to drive her car down a narrow fire lane that is clearly not intended for vehicles of the four wheeled variety. After her minivan clips one scooter, she continues on until another is wedged between the van and the alley wall. Rather than back up, the driver gets out of the van and wrestles with the scooter to free it before having another go at bashing it to bits. In all, I count 5 scooters being hit in this massacre.

African town turns to real-life Robocops to control traffic
It is pretty easy to take what we consider the basics of driving for granted here in the so-called modern world, but there are other places that are so far behind us that simple advancements can seem revolutionary. Managing traffic is a challenge everywhere, but an experiment in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo, seems to be working even if it does look like George Jetson’s maid. Combining high tech stuff like traffic cameras with hands that move to manage a busy street crossing, drivers are said to be responding to its presence better than they do a real officer. I like that the designers have a bit of a sense of humour, adding in sunglasses just like a human cop.

Indonesian man builds street legal Ferrari F1 replica
Few things make me green with envy more than the ability to create something out of nothing. Sure, I can churn out lots of words, take a decent photo and can more than hold my own in the kitchen, if you asked me to actually fabricate something I would be at a loss. And then, there are guys like Abdul Latif. In his workshop in Lombok, Indonesia, Latif built his very own Ferrari F1 car from the ground up. Unlike a real Grand Prix car, Latif’s machine has front wheel drive, making use of the drivetrain from a Daihatsu Hijet. Even though the scarlet single-seater resembles a race car, it is actually street legal!

Aussie V8 Supercar race starts with crazy crash
Considered the most exciting racing on the planet in recent years, Australian V8 Supercars are also among the most competitive. Drivers scramble for every last bit of space on the track as they try to muscle past the competition. With closely matched cars boasting powerful V8 engines, this often leads to a healthy dose of bumping and banging. At the start of this weekend’s race in Adelaide, Jason Bright went for his own version of Mr Toad’s Wild Ride. It’s a testament to the strength of these cars that I can joke about the incident, because not so long ago a driver may not have walked away from a crash like this.

  • Insider Report: Taiwanese driver plows over two wheelers
  • Insider Report: Taiwanese driver plows over two wheelers
  • Insider Report: Taiwanese driver plows over two wheelers
  • Insider Report: Taiwanese driver plows over two wheelers