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Insider Report: If you see a puddle, don't drive like this


We’ve all been splashed by a car while walking in the rain at some point or another, but my belief in humanity leads me to hope that most incidences are accidental. Then, that illusion is shattered when I see a video like this one. The driver of a BMW X5 sees a huge puddle across the road and puts his right foot down, ensuring that not a single pedestrian would emerge without a massive soaker. All we can hope is that karma catches up with this guy.

Have you ever splashed anyone on purpose?

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Mario Andretti helps Hot Wheels set a new record

As Team Hot Wheels was getting ready for their attempt on a new world record for the corkscrew jump, they needed a bit of extra speed. Legendary racer, Mario Andretti, offered his assistance to bring up the pace of the test car. Mario proves that you are never too old to play with Hot Wheels!

Inattentive driver causes crash

Day dreaming drivers are a problem all over the world, as they tangle with other drivers who are going about their day. The video below is a perfect example of a situation that has plagued many roads in Ontario cottage country for decades. Driver a stops on the road, with left signal flashing, waiting for traffic to move so they can turn left off the main road. Driver B does not notice and slams into the back of Driver A. Fortunately in this clip, it does not appear that anyone was injured. Many in Northern Ontario have not been so lucky.