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Bobcat showoff learns a messy lesson in front of the girls


Showing off in a Bobcat is not the way to impress the ladies
Most guys I know love to watch the mechanical dance that happens on a construction site when a talented Bobcat operator twirls and wheels his steed around. They are super-manoeuvrable and look like an absolute blast to drive. But this doesn’t mean that they are without their perils. Take this guy as a perfect example. He is putting on quite a show for the ladies who are shooting some video of his talented driving, popping wheelies and reversing. Who doesn’t like to show off a bit for an admiring audience? Unfortunately, in his zeal, he forgets to dump the stuff from his bucket before raising it overhead. The resulting grime shower was a dirty lesson, but at least it made the ladies laugh.

The story behind the upside down Camaro race car
Regular readers may recall the video I shared last week about an upside down Camaro race car. What goes on in a guy’s brain that makes him decide to create such an oddball machine? Check out the making of video below to find out.

GoPro Course Preview – Red Bull R.Evolution 2013 Germany
We can always count on some crazy video from the folks at Red Bull, whether on two or four wheels or no wheels for that matter. Their human powered content is often just as exciting as their gasoline powered action. For this video from Germany, they have outfitted BMX riders Corben Sharrah and Joris Daudet with an array of GoPro cameras to go for a tour of one of the most incredible BMX tracks I’ve ever seen.

15 Seconds With: 2013 Nissan Titan
Most buyers of the 2013 Nissan Titan Crew Cab will be choosing it as a hauler for their family and toys. The longer cab means a shorter cargo bed. Great for camping gear and water toys, but not quite long enough for the long loads a contractor might haul. For those guys, the 79″ bed of the King Cab would be a better choice.