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Insider Report: Russian dash cams capture the good things, too


Ever since the Russian dash camera phenomenon became rampant on YouTube, automotive publishers across the Internet have jumped on the chance to show off a juicy bit of road rage or an unbelievable crash. There is no question that I am one of those who relishes the challenge of finding new clips and posting them before the other automotive outlets catch wind of them.

Many readers love these videos and get a good chuckle out of them, but some do not.
I recently came across a new compilation of Russian dash-camera videos. Instead of the usual mayhem though, the YouTube poster was also fed up with all of the negativity portrayed in these videos and decided to do something about it. ArkadiYM93 has created a compilation of the good things that have been shown on Russian roads. I’ve shared some of them in the past here in the Insider Report, but there are many new clips in here that should make everyone smile.

Watch Rockstar Mitsubishi vanish out of sight
As I mentioned earlier this week, Canadian rally stars Antoine L’Estage and Nathalie Richard crashed out of the Oregon Trail Rally last weekend. It was a disappointing ending to the first event with a new WRC spec Mitsubishi Lancer. Caused when L’Estage misheard a route instruction, you can see in this video that the car understeered off the road at very high speed, rolling down a steep embankment, collecting several trees along the way. Richard and L’Estage were very lucky not to be injured.

Watch Mad Mike drifting in New Zealand’s Crown Range
A while back, I showed you a clip of a Red Bull sponsored drifter from New Zealand that they call Mad Mike. In this new video from Red Bull, the Mazda driver drifts his way through the Crown Range in his fire breathing RX-8. The entire video is pretty exciting, but the shot of him and a helicopter at 2:18 is simply spectacular.

Roadkill Episode 15: Rat Rod Jeep Death-Wish Trip!
Roadkill is a web series that features Hot Rod magazine editor Dave Freiburger and Mike Finnegan as they take oddball cars on equally oddball road trips. I’m actually a bit surprised that I haven’t shared any of them before, but I will fix that in the future. In the latest episode, Freiburger had expressed an interest in doing an off road trip, so Finnegan bought a WWII era Jeep. Except that it wasn’t your average Jeep, as this one had been turned, very poorly, into a rat rod. Freiburger said this may have been the stupidest thing the pair has done with a car. This is good fun!

Racing Champions: Skate boarder meets Godzilla and falls in love
It may seem obvious that racers like to go fast, but that penchant for speed often spills over into other aspects of their lives. Take pro skateboard racer Kevin Reimer as an example. Reimer earns his living racing a skateboard down steep and winding hills like the ones at the Mount Panorama Circuit, where the iconic Bathurst 1000 car race is held each year. The connection with that track led the skater to Nissan’s legendary supercar, the Skyline, which has come to be known as Godzilla thanks to its dominance over the competition. The gang at Petrolicious caught up with Reimer and his Skyline to learn what makes the car so special to him.