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Insider Report: Road raging driver gets more than he bargained for


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Don’t let road rage get the better of you because you never know when the other guy is going to be crazier than you. The guy in the camera vehicle below should have listened. I say vehicle, because it sounds like something two-stroke powered, like maybe a tuk-tuk or something rather than a car. Either way, when the driver of a beat-up sedan tries to force his way into traffic, our camera dude just won’t give in. Not surprisingly, the red car seems to have a loose nut behind the wheel.

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Leave me alone, I know what I am doing

They call him The Iceman due to his cool lack of emotion. To those who call him out as being rude, Kimi Raikkonen’s fans say his attitude is just his Finnish mannerism. I call horse-hockey on the Finnish comment, as I know many and while they can be curt, rudeness is never part of the deal.

If anyone other than a Formula 1 World Champion spoke to their employer or a fellow employee like this in public, they would be fired fairly quickly. If this were NASCAR, he would have been fined.


Subiesport TV on Kickstart

As media types of the world continue to try to find their niche within new media, more and more traditional media outlets are trying to find new ways to get their content to the public. Not long ago, I showed you Urban Outlaw, a short film for gearheads, created by Toronto filmmaker Tamir Moscovici using an interesting new “crowd source” business model.

Like Moscovici, the folks at Subiesport Magazine are hard at work trying to find a new model to help them bring their unique brand of automotive content to consumers. They have turned to Kickstart to help fund Subiesport TV, a web series dedicated to Subaru enthusiasts. My good friend Warwick Patterson, a top Canadian motorsport videographer, is part of the production team, so you know the video quality is going to be top notch. Check it out and give them a hand if you like the product.

Hey buddy: Look at this!

Nothing good can ever come of those five words!

Sadly, it does not appear that anybody was hurt in the execution of this stunt.

Do not try this at home kids!

Racing in slow motion

Earlier this year I found an incredible video called Racing in Slow Motion IV, from Vimeo user Mattzel89. Matt has put together a new, short compilation that captures the beauty of machines on the edge in super slow motion. This time, he has included some incredible footage of Aussie V8 Supercars, including some wicked curb jumping. Grab a coffee and enjoy this one!

Racing In Slow Motion Short Edition – October 2012 from Mattzel89 on Vimeo.