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Insider Report: Road rage, retaliation and ridin' low. Very low.


Ummm – Sir, you appear to be missing something
Sometimes, there are not enough words to describe the things I come across while searching for stuff to keep you entertained. I don’t know where this is from but it doesn’t really matter: it’s not a good idea anywhere.

Road rage takes many forms, usually involving certain hand gestures and occasional attempts to run the other guy off the road. Occasionally we’ll hear about instances where things escalate to fisticuffs or even the brandishing of a golf club. Rarely do we hear of a participant leaving the scene to plan out an act of revenge. This is what I have for you today from the streets of a city called Bashkortostan in Russia.

The video starts off in a roundabout, where the driver of a black hatchback is blocking the path of the camera vehicle in what appears to be retaliation for some perceived slight in the traffic circle. The car takes off down the road, later appearing at the side of the road. A man, standing beside the car, then throws a huge chunk of rock into the path of the oncoming vehicle. It sounds like there is some damage when the driver runs over it.

RedBull shows viewers how to build an F1 car
If you think that building an F1 car is just a matter of making a few sketches, moulding a body and heading to the track, you would be oh, so, wrong. The truth is that a Formula 1 car is never complete, until the day it is retired and turned into a show car. This video from RedBull gives a glimpse into the complex process, including the amazing continual process to refine the design as the season moves onward. I was surprised to see the test lab, which looks much like something you might see in an IKEA showroom.

SCCA Runoffs history: The Crash
The Runoffs are the Sports Car Club of America’s annual finale, a week long extravaganza of racing. The best of the regional clubs get together to battle it out. Held in September, the weather can be unpredictable and can play a huge part in the outcome of a race. Rural race tracks have a strange habit of having their own weather patterns and in 1984, the GT1 class (essentially Trans Am cars) got a surprise when it began to pour rain in one turn of an otherwise dry track. 18 of 23 cars left the track in one turn. There was fire, upside down cars and cars deep in the woods. So deep that they were left there so that the day’s racing could be completed!

15 Seconds With: 2014 Jaguar F-Type
The newest addition to the Jaguar line up, the F-Type, has been lauded as the first real sports car from the brand in decades. I am driving the V6 version this week and after just a few hours, I am convinced that this is one of the greatest sports cars of all time. Will someone please bring me some cake when I get arrested for having too much fun?