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Insider Report: Need some zip in your life? Try Barbie Jeep racing


As the old sayings go, “boys will be boys” and “Put wheels on it and they will race it.” Okay, so that second one might not be an actual saying, but it should be. Whether we are talking about cars, bicycles, horses or pretty much anything, racing is usually a pretty expensive proposition. Extreme Barbie Jeep racing on the other hand just requires a visit to a few garage sales to procure a Barbie Power Wheels Jeep and a ’70s motorcycle helmet. For ten bucks, you can have the time of your life!

What comes down, must go up
If going down hill in an un-powered kids car is fun, then just think about how much fun it must be to climb an even steeper hill in something that has tons of power. Just ask Bobby Tanner. He’s the guy at the wheel of this insane blue buggy climbing a rock face in Disney, Oklahoma.

It might be a tiny bit redneck, but it certainly looks like fun!

Nostalgic Classic Funny Cars in action
As a kid in a road racing family in the Seventies, I never had the opportunity to see funny cars race in person, but back then TV programs like ABC’s Wide World of Sports brought the floppy bodied racers to my TV. What kid couldn’t marvel about racers and their cars with names like Jungle Jim and The Snake. Don’t forget the ever present Mongoose.

The folks at Drag Strip Riot bring those memories to life with their incredible YouTube archive of nostalgic drag racing. Take for example this recent footage from the Nostalgia Classic at Quaker City Motorsports Park in Salem, Ohio. In this video we see Chris Massarella in his Total Insanity Chevy Monza against George Reidnauer in the Excalibur Corvette.

I seriously want to drive one of these bad boys!

Evil MINI to challenge Peugeot at Pikes Peak
If it weren’t for their past history, French automaker Peugeot might be considered the newcomer at Pikes Peak. Add in a driver like Sebastian Loeb though and that new kid might just be the captain of the football team. There is always someone that wants to out muscle the jocks though, and if anyone can beat Loeb up the hill, it just might be the winged MINI in the video below. The driver is no slouch either, as Jean-Philippe Dayraut has won four Andros Trophy ice racing championships and currently races in the World Touring Car Championship.

Profile: HURST Racing Tires
If you are going to run a nostalgic drag car, then you are going to need some rubber. The good folks at HURST Racing Tires have the heritage to get you down the strip in style and they build each tire by hand. This is some pretty kool, old skool stuff!

HURST RACING TIRES Directed by Ray Gordon from ray gordon on Vimeo.