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MotoGP champ finishes season by flying high - literally


The 2012 MotoGP racing season came to an end at a very soggy Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia. The conditions were so bad that some riders pulled off the track. Having already been crowned Champion, Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo was in the lead and lapping other racers, when it all went wrong. The rider got into a tank slapper before the bike launched him into the air. It was a huge crash, but as is somewhat typical for bike racers, all that Lorenzo hurt was his pride.

Lorenzo Crashes from AxisOfOversteer on Vimeo.

BMW racer loses control at Monza

Despite what the fanboy types say, it is rarely a good idea to turn off your car’s stability control system, even when the car is a full race BMW M3. The systems in the E92 M3 are so good that very few drivers will ever be good enough to fully beat the computers. This goes doubly true when racing in the rain, as the driver in the video below discovered. Turn up the volume and you will notice that the driver actually doesn’t lift out of the throttle at all, until the car has rotated close to 180 degrees!

When the Hot Rods Run: pre-war rodding action on video

Every now and then, the folks over at The Jalopy Journal dig up some incredibly cool bits of history. A few days ago, they posted this awesome video from the early days of hot rodding. The video includes colourized pre-war video of rodders including some key Japanese-Americans like Larry Shinoda and Yam Oka. Couple the early dry lakes footage with still photos and old hot rod tunes and this is a winning bit of history!

Stretched Nissan Leaf up for sale

It seems that people will make stretch limos out of just about anything these days. A few weeks ago, came across a Camaro Bumblebee edition that is doing party duty and now I have come across a greener alternative. Built earlier this year by Imperial Coach Builders of Springfield, Missouri, the stretched Leaf was originally created for the Embassy Suites hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. The Leaf Limo is already listed on eBay, although there is nothing in the listing to indicate why the short stay in the fleet.

Wonder if the battery died, leaving guests stranded one too many times!