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Insider Report: Lucky pedestrians escape injury in delivery van collision


There are so many lessons a good parent is supposed to teach their children. Things like washing hands and picking up after yourself are just the beginning. There are much more important lessons, like how to cross the street safely. One of those lessons is to only cross at a cross walk. Before that, most of us are taught to look both ways before crossing the road. Sadly, many adults haven’t learned these lessons themselves, or they choose to ignore them and not pass on the message to their kids.

Take the lady in the video below for example, who is walking with a younger lady who we might assume is her daughter. They are crossing at a cross walk, but didn’t look both ways. If they had, they would have seen the delivery van that was coming down the street at speed. When it slams into the back of another van which did stop, both pedestrians were knocked over. Had the impact come just a second earlier, they both would have been seriously injured. They were lucky to be able to just pick themselves up and continue walking.

Just because you are in a crosswalk does not mean that you are safe. Always be sure to look both ways before stepping onto the street!

Five minutes of flying rally cars

Rally fans love to see drifts and flying mud, but nothing excites spectators, photographers and videographers more than a really big jump. There is something just so spectacular about a flying rally car. The recent 100 Acre Wood rally in Missouri features one infamous jump where competitors launch off of a cattle guard. The guys at caught the entire field crossing the jump and stitched them together into one video for your viewing pleasure.

Kimi blows off tv reporter

During Formula 1 testing at Barcelona, a Sky TV reporter asks Kimi Raikkonen is his hunger for a second title as strong as it was for the first. The Finn’s response is predictably Kimi.

Sebastian Vettel impersonates Kimi Raikkonen

After watching the Kimi video above, I followed a couple of suggested viewing links, which brought me to this on-stage interview from the 2011 Autosport Awards. In it, Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel has a bit of a go at Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen and a bunch of other stuff. If it were just any 20-something spouting off like this, it might not be so funny, but coming from a World Champion, it’s hilarious. Vettel’s impression of Kimi is good fun although it might not be as good as The Mayor’s impression.

CTMP promo video shows the most detail of the changes to date

Even with snow on the ground, work has continued at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, as the team prepares for what promises to be the most exciting racing season ever at the historic Mosport facility. A new promo video from the track shows aerial footage of the track improvements along with up-close photos and conceptual drawing of the new events centre.

The historic Mosport track at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park has always held a special place in the hearts of fans and racers alike. Even with improvements designed to bring track safety up to modern standards, the tracks inherent excitement and potential for danger have not been diminished, meaning that the racing will continue to be the best anywhere. Improvements for fan accessibility and viewing will make it the best spectator track on the continent. The new ultra modern events centre promises to turn Canadian Tire Motorsport Park into a year-round destination.

Learn more about the changes and buy 2013 tickets by visiting CTMP online.