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Insider Report: Karma takes a bite out of impatient Land Rover


One of the best things about driving a vehicle with off-road capability is the ability to boldly go where others fear to tread. For example, parking where nobody else dares when snowbanks cause parking lot shrinkage.
That same ability can also be used by impatient, self-obsessed drivers to head to the dirt and bypass traffic on occasion. Until, that is, the dirt becomes mud and 4 by 4 becomes useless, which is exactly what happened to this Land Rover driver.
Even more awesome is that once he got himself thoroughly stuck while trying to bypass traffic, he had the audacity to wave someone over to help him!

This one is karma served warm to one Russian Landie driver.

Slot car demo derby
Like many gearheads of a certain age, I have a bit of a thing for slot cars. They are just so cool, especially the modern, super detailed ones that recreate the rear race cars of the Sixties. The leaders of the slot car market, Scalextric, have come out with a new set that is an old school criss-cross type of smash up derby, complete with exploding cars. This British advert for the Demolition Derby set is almost as cool as the set. Gotta love the cheesy Seventies era toy marketing.

Jordan Loves Stickers
Kids love stickers and some never grow out of that love for stickers, plastering them all over their cars, clipboards, toolboxes and whatever else has a bit of empty space. Wait, these are not those kind of stickers. Sure, most racers love stickers too as lots of stickers means lots of sponsors, but young Jordan Taylor is a racer’s racer and the stickers he loves aren’t really stickers at all. They are tires. Sticky, fresh racing tires that still have their identification stickers on them. Tires that hold the promise of many hot laps yet to come. Kind of like a new hockey stick that hasn’t had any goals removed from it yet.

Jordan Taylor is a fun kid!

Drag racing burnout highlights from Germany
I once saw a trailer sporting a bumper sticker that read “If the meek inherit the Earth, who will ride the drag bikes?” Perhaps even more-so than Top Fuel dragsters, drag bikes might just be the most violent, potentially deadly, form of motorsport. This burnout compilation video from the 2013 edition of Nitrolympx at Hockenheimring features lots of drag bikes, along with some pretty insane four wheeled racers too.

15 Seconds With: 2014 Range Rover S/C
Hmmm. Starting to wonder if today’s lead-in video was the best choice considering this week’s wheels!

Last Fall, I visited Morocco for the launch of the all new Range Rover, at the very same time Hurricane Sandy was battering the east coast of this continent. On the other side of the pond, we got to see how well the Range Rover performed in similar weather, but didn’t have much chance to sample the luxury side of it. This week, I’m driving the 2014 supercharged version. You can bet I will enjoy the luxury this time around.