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Insider Report: Jerry Seinfeld runs amok in David Letterman's Volvo


Over the years, there have been some cars that just begged to have a big American V8 engine stuffed into them. Datsun 510 and Zed cars were pretty common recipients of V8 transplants, not to mention a little sports car called the A.C. Bristol which, thanks to Carroll Shelby, became one of the most sought-after cars of all time, the Shelby Cobra. Volvos of various vintages have also been popular choices for the swap.

One of the most infamous V8 Volvos of all time has to be the 960 wagon that was Paul Newman’s daily driver. The sleeper wagon had a Ford Racing mill stuffed under the hood but looked completely stock on the outside. Newman’s car wasn’t a one-off however; he arranged for another to be built for his buddy, David Letterman.

In the most recent episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s popular web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” the two NYC comedy icons spend an afternoon in that very beast.
“This is a 1995 Volvo 960 station wagon, oh my God, really?” Letterman wails as he gets in. He soon discovers, however, that this car has some tricks up its sleeve.
This is good fun. Letterman is certainly not a boring car guy!

Alas, the production company does not allow embedding of their videos, so you’ll have to watch it over here, but it’s worth making the journey for.

Impatient Nissan GT-R driver hits oncoming Lexus head on
We’ve all been there, sitting stuck in traffic when some self entitled driver decides that they are too important to sit in traffic with the rest of us lemmings. Most often they take to the shoulder. The guy in this video decided he would go one better and try to bypass the traffic by driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic. I guess he thought that driving Godzilla in a bright red suit meant he would make it through. He did not.

Car and Driver reviews 6 cars for old folks
News flash. Most people are boring. As those people get older, they get even more boring. Extend that forward and it is easy to see why there is an entire segment of sedans that are beyond bland. Some manufacturers are trying to spice things up a bit these days, but when it comes down to it, they are still cars for old people. Car and Driver brought together six cars aimed at the aging driver to see which one was the best.

Sport Auto drives Porsche 991/911 GT3
When I say that most old people drive boring cars, I am not including some of the old guys I hang out with. Those guys tend to drive cars that are a bit more interesting then the masses. One might even say they drive cars that are more lively. Some drive hot rods, while others race old British cars. A good many of them have at least one Porsche in the garage.

Christian Gebhardt from German mag Sport Auto took along a few cameras to the Euro launch of the newest version of the iconic 911 GT3. There are those who say the GT3 has jumped the shark because it is no longer available with a manual transmission. All you need to do is listen to this beast to know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Note: this video was filmed on a closed road. Never cross the centre line when enjoying a winding road!

Old cars, like old people, need not be boring
Just like there are some guys who manage to come to life as others are slowing down, some cars have new life injected into them as they age. The newish segment of the performance car world is the creation of “Pro-Touring” cars. Basically, taking old school cars and fitting them with modern suspension, brakes and drivetrain. Essentially, the classic car remains but with modern guts. These machines range from mild with niceties like power windows, power steering and air conditioning that works, to wild track machines.

The folks at Heidts Performance recently hosted a performance car challenge at Autobahn Automotive Country Club in Joilet, IL. Competitors received professional instruction and then let their machines strut their stuff on the road and autocross courses.