Jay Leno drives Canadian built Campagna V13R

Jerry Seinfeld isn’t the only funny guy who is addicted to the car hobby. Jay Leno has a pretty healthy dose of the addiction too, and he gets to check out all sorts of cool cars in the Big Dog Garage. This week, Leno gets a visit from David Neault, Vice President of Quebec based company, Campagna Motors. Rather than bring Campagna’s legendary T-Rex to Leno’s place, Neault brought along the new V13R. Like the T-Rex, the V13R is a three wheeler that is powered by a motorcycle engine. Unlike the ultra high performance T-Rex though, the V13R is motivated by a Harley Davidson V-Rod engine and is designed to be more of a cruiser. A cushy ride and saddle bags don’t stop Leno from hitting the throttle and trying to make the trike do a burnout!

Russian driver makes awesome save to avoid being crushed by truck
Today I have yet another crazy video from the roads of Russia. The driver of a silver mini, minivan appears to have attempted to change lanes in front of a tractor trailer, but didn’t leave enough room. After clipping the front of the truck, the little people mover spins out of the way, with a recovery that would make the best drifter proud, preventing any injuries. Even after being hit by the truck, the car appears to have suffered very little damage.

Robby Gordon puts new SST trucks to the test on track
If you were going to develop a new spec class of race truck, how would you make sure that the trucks were up to the task? As I reported a while back, Robby Gordon has announced the Super Stadium Truck Series, that he hopes to bring to Canada. The series will feature identically prepared beasts that appear to be a cross between a Class 8 race truck and a World of Outlaws sprint car. Gordon’s answer to my question above was to bring together twenty top truck racers and let them loose in the dirt. With no body yet, we can see that the trucks have more than enough power to lift the left front wheel when exiting a corner and they catch more air than Ken Block’s Fiesta!

  • Jay Leno drives Canadian built Campagna V13R
  • Jay Leno drives Canadian built Campagna V13R
  • Jay Leno drives Canadian built Campagna V13R

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