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Insider Report: Is this the world's worst driver?

It amazes me how some people manage to get a driver’s permit. I mean, there are bad drivers everywhere, but somehow the videos of the truly terrible drivers are becoming more and more easy to find. Today’s terrible driver comes to us from Russia, where a woman has her friend stand by to watch for oncoming drivers. The problem with that plan is that the driver is incapable of watching for stationary objects, like a bright red hatchback parked right beside her. Realizing that she has smacked into the side of said hatchback, our anti-hero does what any sane driver would do and selects a gear to move in another direction. Unlike most drivers, she then mashes her foot on the gas, sending her car over the curb and across the sidewalk.

I just don’t understand.

Lost in Iceland
Over at Jalopnik last week, Patrick George ran a cool story full of images from a 40-year-old plane crash site in Iceland. A U.S. Navy Douglas C-47 crashed on the frigid site on November 24, 1973 when it ran out of fuel. Fortunately the crew escaped, but the plane was left where it sat. Situated just a couple of hours away from Reykjavik, a military attempt to remove the wreckage became fatal and the decision was made to leave the stripped carcass alone. It has since become a destination for tourists and photographers.

Iceland 2011 – Lost In Iceland from Marco Asbach on Vimeo.

Driving the Nissan GT-R NISMO
They asked if I would like to go to Japan to drive the 2015 Nissan GT-R. They said I would get to drive the new NISMO edition on a race track. What could I say beyond, “Ummm, of course I will go! The bosses at Nissan believed that the GT-R wasn’t R enough, so the development of a new NISMO version began. The result is a 600 horsepower monster that is more race car than it is a road car. Of course it is a road car, but the newest version of Godzilla is also the most vicious. I had exactly fourlaps including a warm up and cool down lap to experience the beast, just enough to know that it is more car than I am used to and that I NEED to have a full day of lapping to fully explore its capabilities!

  • Insider Report: Is this the world's worst driver?
  • Insider Report: Is this the world's worst driver?
  • Insider Report: Is this the world's worst driver?