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Insider Report: Is this the ugliest Camaro of all time?


I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with the Camaro ZL-1 over the past few days, so I had to do a bit of a double take when I saw the unbelievably ugly looking Camaro in the photo above. The folks over at Jalopnik reported on this obscenity that was created by 813 Customs. Yes, it is a Camaro ZL-1 Convertible, but it has been plated in a gold-ish reflective coating and had monster 30″ wheels stuffed under it. Even the incredible 580 horsepower 6.2 litre V-8 has been assaulted, with the addition of a whipple supercharger. The interior is a mess of massive speakers and TV screens.

Part of me wants to say to each his own, but then I open my eyes and just can’t get past the fact that this monstrosity is just so darned ugly!

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Trucker turns too quickly in the wet, makes a great save

Here I go again with the Russian dash cam videos. Every day I’m amazed that there continues to be new action from the roads of the former Soviet Union. Today I’ve got another truck driving incident for you. The truck driver obviously misjudged the distance to his upcoming turn. Despite the wet road conditions, he hits the brakes hard anyway and turns in. Somehow the driver manages not to hit any oncoming traffic while also avoiding the expected jack-knife.

Iron Maiden drummer creates his own custom Jaguar

“I saw a drum solo on the telly, way back in 1963″ – Nicko McBrain, drummer. OK, so I know that has absolutely nothing to do with cars, but somehow it struck me as funny. Regardless, that exposure to rhythm is what caused McBrain to start playing the drums. That he would go on to become the drummer of the metal band, Iron Maiden, is what allowed him to amass enough pennies that Jaguar would invite him to create his very own, personalized Jaguar XKR-S. While one might expect matte black paint with silver skulls and the like, McBrain’s creation is incredibly subtle (if you can call anything about the fire breathing XKR-S subtle), right down to the production blue paint that so many gearheads love. Simple things like stitching and custom door sills can go a long way to making something special.