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Insider Report: Impatient Ford driver gets clipped by a train


Impatient Ford driver gets clipped by a train
Have you ever been sitting at a left turn lane, waiting patiently for your turn, when another driver makes a move to the left from the lane beside you? I think most of us have at some point. This video, reportedly from Moscow, shows what happens when karma decides to take a bite out of a Ford Focus wagon driver who just can’t wait.

Edmunds pits Corvette Stingray against Porsche 911 on the track
There was a time when the Corvette was loved by diehard Vette fans who could see past its less than stellar interior and velvet hammer handling, because it was fast and relatively cheap. Many enthusiasts were less than forgiving of the car’s flaws, preventing it from reaching true World class status. The newest version of the Vette, the C7, is a game changer that offers the full package with no apologies needed.

The team at recently took to the test track with the Stingray and the class of the field, the Porsche 911. The results show that performance wise, the American machine is now a true contender.

Watch Tommy Ivo go up against the Green Mamba in 1968
Via Bangshift comes another old Super8 video that has been digitized. This bit of vintage footage features legendary drag racer Tommy Ivo in a AA Fuel dragster doing a demonstration run against Doug Rose in his Green Mamba jet dragster.

Set in 1968 at Houston International Speedway, the video has a few other bits of interest to gearheads. There are a couple of sedan races, and a pair of dragsters have at it too. It is kinda cool to see racers returning to the pits by driving right in front of the grandstands so that fans get a second look.

Barrie racer Kyle Marcelli does the swag toss
It has been said many times that without the fans, there would be no sports heroes. Guys like Richard Petty and John Force know it. They are the ones who are still hanging out signing autographs and chatting with fans long after the race car is in the hauler and on its way home. The fans pay the bills. Of course many of today’s racers are rich guys who don’t “need” the fans until Dad’s money runs out and by then it is too late to start.

Barrie, Ontario based racer Kyle Marcelli is one of the top drivers in the American Le Mans Series and he has spent the last few years working hard to connect with racing fans at tracks around North America. While many drivers in the series are rarely seen in the paddock, Marcelli is often seen out in front of the trailer speaking with fans. It is nothing unusual to see the 23 year old driver taking kids for a tour of the race car.

At the SportsCar Grand Prix this Summer at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Marcelli climbed to the top of the hauler to do The Swag Toss.

15 Seconds With: 2013 Jaguar XF 3.0 AWD
Elegance, style and day to day functionality may be the most commonly admired aspects of the XF, at least on a daily basis, but every now and then, a real driver wants to have a bit of fun. The supercharged V6 under the hood is strong enough to propel the 3,900 pound sedan from rest to 100 km/h in under 6 seconds. It wasn’t too long ago that many sports cars were not capable of that.