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INSIDER REPORT: High speed motorcyclist still on the lam in B.C.


You might recall a Youtube video back in the spring that depicted a rider on a Yamaha motorcycle racing at speeds of up to 299 km/h on the Trans Canada Highway. The video, which quickly went viral and lit up enthusiast web sites, sent Saanich Police in Victoria, B.C. looking for the rider. The virtual paper trail behind the video led them to a lady who was the owner of the bike. The rider was her son, Randy Scott. Dear old Mom received fines totaling close to $1,500 and the $8,000 R1 was impounded. Her son on the other hand flew the coop. On July 10th, Scott was formally charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. The only problem is that he was not on hand for the party, which means the department has placed Scott on their Most Wanted list.

It is interesting to note that the Saanich Police Department actually has a link to the original video on YouTube, perpetuating the reach of Scott’s legacy.

Mazda teases with another glimpse of next gen 6

Last week Mazda pulled the covers back on the face of the next generation Mazda6. Taking inspiration from their TAKERI concept, the replacement for the aging mid-size sedan is an important weapon in the battle for family car supremacy. That means we can expect Mazda to keep teasing us with views of the new shape. Today we have the deeply sculpted left fender as it cuts back to the driver’s mirror.

Racing in Slow Motion IV
Passion is what drives everyone involved in motorsport. From fans to drivers, team owners and even sponsors. Cynics might say that some, like owners and their partners, are just in the sport for the money, but there is so much to be lost that without passion they would never go racing. Vimeo user Mattzel89 channels passion into the creation of slow motion videos that capture every nuance of the sport.

In his fourth edition, Marcel begins with an audio bite from Steve McQueen’s legendary Le Mans blockbuster to take viewers on a sixteen minute trip through time. From early time trials on the salt flats, to current Formula 1 and sports car racing, the director (producer??) takes us from North America to Europe and even the sands of Africa.

The human, mechanical and geographical beauty of Racing in Slow Motion IV stirs the soul.

Racing In Slow Motion IV from Mattzel89 on Vimeo.

Formula car racer reattaches steering wheel at speed
Last week I showed you the potential peril of having a quick release steering wheel in a race car. Not to be outdone, Formula Renault driver, Jeroen Slaghekke attempted a unique solution to an ongoing electrical glitch: He removed the steering wheel during the race! With much of the car’s electronics feeding through the computer that is built into the wheel, removing the steering wheel cuts the power and resets the computer. It might not be a conventional fix, but it appears to have done the job for Slaghekke who was competing in the Northern European Cup at Oschersleben in Germany.