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Insider Report: Group demands speed limit increase in Ontario


Once upon a time, getting a bunch of people together to support a cause was an exercise in passing around flyers and building word of mouth. Now, it’s as easy as setting up a Facebook page. If your cause is a worthy one, the masses will find you! That is the case with the great speed limit debate here in Ontario, as a fan page has popped up entitled Increase Ontario 400-series Highway Speed Limit. Group admins state that they “demand speed limit increase to 120-130 km/h to legalize Ontario’s safe driving patterns”.

What do you think: Should our speed limits be increased to 130 km/h on 400 series highways?

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Magnus Walker visits the Big Dog Garage

Regular readers of the Insider Report know that I may not love Jay Leno’s humour, but I get a serious kick out of his web show where he invites guests into his shop, the Big Dog Garage. My new friend, Porsche artist Magnus Walker, was Leno’s newest guest in what looks to be just the first of many visits. Leno saw the short film Urban Outlaw, created by Toronto film producer Tamir Moscovici and realized that Walker was someone he had to have on the show.

As a guy who has spent the last eight years scouring the web for interesting automotive content, I completely agree with Leno when he says:

“The great thing about the web, unlike TV, is that I can actually find stuff that I like to watch”

Meet the Volvo Terror, a turbo traktor!

Last week I blathered on about my love of old, turbocharged Volvos, affectionately known as Turbo Bricks. Apparently a boxy coupe wasn’t good enough for Swedish gearhead Mikael Karlsson, who decided it might be a good idea to install a B21ET in a tractor. The 2.1 litre four cylinder created close to 160 horsepower in stock form and with a few tweaks, 400 is an easily attainable number. In other words, this Volvo Terror lives up to its name.

Hold on Sven!

See a U-2 spy plane do a touch ‘n’ go – from a Camaro chase car 

From the “not quite automotive, but still seriously cool” category comes this video that was sent to Jalopnik by one of their readers. Dating back to the cold war, the U-2 is considered one of the most dangerous planes of all time when it comes to landing. So much so that for decades, the landing routine has involved a chase car with another U-2 pilot on board to act as a second set of eyes to guide the pilot.

This video,of a practice landing and take-off, was shot from a Camaro SS chase car by Airman 1st Class Andrew Buchanan 9th Reconnaissance Wing. Not only is this guy’s job beyond cool, he even has a pretty nifty title!