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Insider Report: Chasing traffic with Terminator impersonator Will Sasso


I don’t care who you are. At some point in your life, you have attempted to imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger. We all have. While my impersonation is spot on, yours is laughable. Ok, so mine sucks too. Canadian funny guy Will Sasso is better than both of us, so listening to him have a go at traffic is a hoot.

Shaolin Backflip in slow motion

I don’t know a heck of a lot about extreme motocross jump names. I just know that the guys who do them are crazy. Red Bull rider Levi Sherwood talks about how one “does” a Shaolin Backflip as the cameras catch him doing one in super slow-mo. This is some crazy right here!

Ride along with Chris Dyson as he hits the wall at Long Beach

For every racer, there is a time when the car lets you down, which sometimes means you end up in the fence. Or the wall, if you are on a street circuit like Long Beach. For team owner Chris Dyson, that time happened last weekend at Long Beach, when something in the front end of the Dyson Racing Lola Mazda broke, sending The Boss into the wall.