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Insider Report: Barking mad driver takes cop for a ride on hood of car


In another case of “you never know just how crazy the other guy is,” this Russian cop was taken for a ride when he reportedly pulled a motorist over for making an illegal turn. The motorist clearly has no intentions of stopping as directed, and instead takes off with the startled police officer clinging to the hood of his car. Of course the next thing the guy did was post his video online. Somewhere out there is the original video and it was probably instrumental in getting this guy arrested. MSN Now reports that the suspect is Sergei Siluyanova, a 30-year-old with previous arrests for theft and drug possession, and that he is now in police custody.

On a lighter note, listen carefully to the song in the background. It sounds like a Russian version of the old Irish folk song turned Metallica tune, Whiskey in the Jar.

Video teaser: 2013 Scion 10 FR-S
While everyone else was enjoying a day off yesterday, I was slaving away, shooting video for an upcoming review of the 2013 Scion 10 FR-S. Ok, so I guess you can’t really call flitting around the countryside in a sporty coupe slaving away, but at least I was shooting video. Just a teaser for now, while I try to convince my wife that we really need to have one of these in our driveway!

WRC Ford hits a stack of trees
Like some Northern Ontario rally stages, the 1000 Lakes rally in Finland makes use of many logging roads. While offering competitors and spectators challenging terrain, they also offer some unique dangers, like tree stumps and piles of cut trees. WRC driver Evgeny Novikov found out the hard way that giant stacks of trees don’t move, when he slammed into a pile with his Ford Fiesta.

It is interesting to note that the Fiesta is able to continue driving after the massive hit, but Novikov’s actions are being investigated by officials. Thanks to the time wasted by getting turned around and back on the road, the Russian driver was caught by Irish driver Kris Meeke. Novikov’s team instructed him to let Meeke by, but he did not. The spray from the damaged Ford destroyed Meeke’s windshield, causing him to go off the road and suffer a flat.

Jensen Button drives McLaren P1 and Goodwood Festival of Speed
I’ve never been one to swoon over supercars, but even I have to admit that the McLaren P1 might just be one of the most incredible road cars ever built. Watch as F1 driver Jensen Button takes one up the hill on Lord March’s front lawn.

I guess being an F1 driver means you don’t have to wear a helmet when you attack the hill.