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Insider Report: Audi worker forgets to set parking brake, almost dies


Many years ago, while working at a Volvo dealership at the lower end of uptown Toronto, I was sitting at my desk when I heard a bloody great crash and was sent, along with my desk, flying across the floor of the service department. One of the clean up guys had gotten out of a car to open a closed door. The car was running and he forgot to put it into park. Everyone involved was very lucky that there wasn’t more damage than just a big scare and a hole in the wall. There was no video camera that day, or I would be sharing that clip too. Instead, I have this news clip of a hapless young lot guy from Moscow who had parked a customer’s Audi A3 on a lift. He too forgot to set the parking brake and he too comes very close to having his life cut short. Fortunately, he escaped with only the worst day of his career. You have to admire his optimism as he tries to hold the car back with his bare hands!

Mini Bike Mayhem from Hot Rod
The early Seventies was a great time to be a kid if your parents or step-parents got it. Despite having all kinds of cool fun prior to the parental split, life with the step-father was devoid of motorized excitement. I always wanted a mini bike, but one never made an appearance under the tree. I know, tough beans. Suck it up. I have, but now that I have seen this crazy video of Hot Rod editor David Freiberger and a custom Hot Ride mini bike from Taco mini bikes, I totally want one again! Maybe once we get the race car finished, my kid and I will get one as a pit bike.

Petrolicious investigates the addiction of vintage racing with VARA
Regular readers know that I am a sucker for vintage racing. The cars, the sounds, the people and the tracks are all just reminders of my happiest days as a kid, when I used to have free reign of Mosport. I watched my Dad race, I clambered in and out of racing cars and I chased tadpoles in the stream at the bottom of corner 2. This video from Petrolicious doesn’t cover any of that kid stuff, but it does do a good job of explaining some of the passion that competitors feel for vintage racing.

Second Seat with Magnus Walker
Few people can verbalize their passion for early Porsches the way Magnus Walker can. Rather than screw it up with my own comments, I would request that you watch this video.

Insider Report runs through the Tokyo Motor Show
One week in Japan. One day at the Tokyo Motor Show. In between a bunch of organized interviews, I had a small window to explore the show. Here are a few of the things I saw.