Insider Report: Safari riders get a visit they'll never forget

As we drove through the lions' habitat, the hubby, a budding photographer, asked me to open zee window. Not being particularly bright, I complied.

  • African Lion Safari

Many years ago, my wife and I took some friends visiting from Germany to African Lion Safari. As we drove through the lions’habitat, the hubby, a budding photographer, asked me to “open zee window.” Not being particularly bright, I complied. A nearby lioness caught a whiff and was on us in no time. As my passenger cried “Close zee WINDOW!” I fumbled with the window handle and ended up with a wet streak down the glass from a very big kitty. The statement “Close zee window!” is still used in both households to this day.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when YouTuber lavy90 and her friends visited Yala National Park in Sri Lanka and went on a safari. The group unwisely ignored the park’s rules and brought food along on the ride, which caught the attention of a park elephant named Gemunu. The inquisitive animal has obviously been fed by tourists in the past and comes looking for a snack. The group is clearly terrified (watch right through to the end for their narrow escape), but in fact they got lucky. If Gemunu was truly intending to be a threat, the vehicle might have been on its head.

Accident caught on camera during newscast
You could also title this one Accident waiting to happen happens during newscast or perhaps even you can’t fix stupid.

South African news channel SABC were reporting on a roadside visit by Provincial MPs to talk about the bad state of the roads when an accident occurred almost as if on cue. Typical of many media types, the incident was used to paint a picture that included the irony of an accident happening during the report.

If you want closely, you will see that the incident involves two cars, one which is being towed by another on the end of a rope, at a fairly high rate of speed. The lead car makes a move to avoid a nasty patch of road and proceeds to drive off the road, pulling the follower along for the ride. Sure, the road was a mess, but there was absolutely no reason for this guy to be driving so quickly with his impromptu towing setup.


Watch pedestrian vs snow plow from another angle
Yesterday on you saw a video of a pedestrian being hammered by a snow plow as he was walking along minding his own business in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to the Carbuzz authors that found that video, I also came across the incident. I wasn’t going to share it again, but then I discovered that the one I found is from an entirely different angle. This one is from a security camera outside the car dealership that captured the first one.

I’m hoping these videos make their way to someone’s boss, as this is just not cool.

Happy 25th birthday to the Mazda Miata
Just a few days has passed since Jay Leno’s tearful goodbye on The Late Show and I already have something fun to share from the Big Dog Garage. The now retired funnyman invited Bob Hall and Tom Matano, without whom the now iconic Miata would never have existed, into the studio to talk about their baby. The highest selling sports car of all time.

15 Seconds With: Russ Bond and the Range Rover Supercharged
With all the travel I’ve been doing lately, I have sort of fallen behind on my 15 Seconds With series, and I have started to hear about it from some of my colleagues, who seem to enjoy my little daily videos. My buddy Russ Bond, who you may recognize from his series Two Minute Test Drive on MotoringTV decided to do one of his own to kick start me. You can tell that Bond was bored during last week’s snow storm.

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