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If only police did this with all left-lane bandits: Kenzie

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Sometimes, you just wanna kiss a cop right on the lips…

OK, so not often – unless she’s like the Oklahoma State Trooper I “met” during my search for this video…

But I digress…

The original version of this clip (shot in 2011) was accompanied by a voice-over of the young male driver whose female passenger actually shot it. The commentary, shall we say, was not fit for a family blog.

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I can barely access YouTube, let alone edit the sound on a video clip. Someone with way more skills in this field than I possess has done that job for me, adding what I think is the theme song from “Jaws”.

The hand-held, presumably cameraphone video is also very jumpy in places. Hang in there; it’s worth it.

I am not able to identify which state the state trooper is from.

So (s)he is safe from my osculatory intentions.

All I know is that THIS is what traffic patrol officers in every jurisdiction in the world should be doing way more of.

  • If only police did this with all left-lane bandits: Kenzie