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Things Not to Do in a Car: Smuggle hookah tobacco

Pungent aroma, lame decoy thwart wanna-be smuggler
A 29-year-old Israeli was recently caught attempting to smuggle 58 kilograms of tobacco specifically for hookah smoking across the Jordan River from Jordan to Israel, using a “low-key” Porsche Cayenne SUV as his mule.
When he arrived at the border crossing, inspectors noticed an overwhelming aroma of tobacco and immediately ordered him to pull over, Carbuzz reports.The driver belatedly tried to adopt some cunning by placing a pack of tobacco on the front seat of the SUV, apparently hopgin they customs officials would assume this was the source of the smell. (If you’re going to attempt to smuggle illegal goods, at least put a little effort into the planning stages)Not surprisingly, the plan didn’t work.

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Inspectors decided to thoroughly inspect the rest of the vehicle and, lo and behold, they found tobacco stashed just about everywhere.

There were plastic bags placed under the rear seat cushions, tucked into the engine compartment, strapped underneath the SUV. All told, Israeli customs officials placed the value of the tobacco at over $8,000 U.S.