Honda releases car made just for women

Men have their muscle cars. Now women can claim their own car – or at least what Honda thinks women want in a car.

In what can either be described as brazenly sexist or just good business sense, Honda has revealed a new pink Honda Fit with a special “She’s” model trim designed to target the female demographic.

Pink exterior aside, this car features a “Plasmacluster” air-conditioning system that, get this, improves the driver’s skin quality. Well, actually, Honda claims it improves the air quality in the cabin, thus helping the driver’s skin.

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The car also features a special windshield that blocks 99 per cent of UV rays, which will also supposedly help prevent wrinkles.

This special Honda Fit trim features pink styling in the interior as well, with pink adorning everything from the steering wheel to the dashboard and floor mats. And if you don’t like pink, Honda is also offering the car in “eyeliner brown.”

So far, the car is only being offered for sale in Japan.

You can find more details at Honda’s site (you’ll have to use your browser’s translate function, though).

  • Honda releases car made just for women
  • Honda releases car made just for women

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