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Google has invented a self-driving car, for real!

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If you haven’t heard, Google has done it; they have invented a car that completely drives itself. They actually invented the car a couple of years ago, but the idea is still as cool as ever.

How does it work? A sensor mounted on the top of the car detects other drivers, cyclist and pedestrians on the road using computers, radar and laser technology.  You simply tell the car where you’re going and it does the rest. The car plans a route, follows the speed limits, is aware of traffic patterns and watches for obstacles along the way.

Google has already driven the car over 200,000 miles and trekked down the trickiest of streets including the famously curved Lombard street in San Francisco. Google says their main motivation for creating the technology was safety. Google has no plans to launch this technology to the public any time soon, but hopes to one day reduce emissions, ease congestion and cut traffic deaths in half.

Watch below as Steve Mahan, a legally blind man takes the Google car for a spin. While in the driver’s seat, Steve gets a taco from a drive-though, parks his car, picks up some dry cleaning and eats his lunch on the way home.

Here’s how they do it:

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  • Google has invented a self-driving car, for real!