Hate haggling? Now you can un-haggle your way to a great deal

Free website offers all the data you need to get the best price on a new car

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You may hate trekking from one dealership to another and haggling with each of them in search of the best possible price on a new car. Or you may love it.

Either way, it’s always best to be armed with all the right information, and now there’s a website that can bring it to you. offers a free online service that shows you the deal others in your area got for the same new car or truck you want.

“Car buyers can calculate an accurate ‘out-the-door” price and monthly payment estimate with all applicable fees, taxes and manufacturer incentives applied using Unhaggle’s robust suite of free online tools,” said Andrew Tai, founder and CEO.

Tai said the website, which was launched in 2011, was built around his experience of the challenges he faced when he bought his own new car. It provides consumers access to dealer invoice price reports, which reflect the manufacturer’s wholesale price.

So far, has about 700 new car dealers in its cross-Canada network that have realized the potential of e-commerce in their business.

While accessing’s data is free to consumers, the site charges online automotive portals such as Yahoo Autos, MSM Autos, AOL Autoblog and others licensing fees to use it.

They also offer a $99 concierge car buying service for clients who would rather not negotiate a deal on their own.

“Having access to the average market price is really helpful in knowing you won’t have to pay more for the same car than your neighbour did and you can find out what the lowest price is of that car that sold in your area,” said Radek Garbowski,’s COO.

“With that information you can go to your local dealership armed with the data that will help you get the best possible price,” he said adding: “And the information is absolutely free.”

Grabowski said the GTA is one of the best places to buy a car in Ontario because of the huge number of high-volume dealerships and fierce competition in the region’s new car marketplace.

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