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Gift Guide: Mrs. G deserves a shiny new Audi


No limit gift

For my Wife: a shiny new Audi TT Coupe. Now that we have a university student in the house, the lovely Mrs. Grant shares her aging Mazda more often than not. As the kids are getting older, the time is coming that a car with fewer doors and seats might find its way into our driveway. Time for Mrs. G to have some alone time on the road.

With all of the review vehicles that come through our driveway, the Audi TT Coupe is the car that the one who tolerates me most enjoys the look of. Couple that sexy shape with all wheel drive and she will be sure to make it out to meetings and back safely in the snow. We would pick this one up at our local Audi dealer for $48,600. (

$100 and under

Custom hot rod sign: Because there isn’t already enough stuff on the walls in my garage, I would love to have one of these custom hot rod signs from Busted Knuckle Garage. For $89 (U.S.), they will include my name on the door of the traditional rod. The classic pinup girl is an added bonus. (

BlueAnt S3 Visor Bluetooth Speaker Phone: My old truck doesn’t have Bluetooth built in, and I hate those silly devices you wear over your ear. The BlueAnt S3 fits nicely onto the sun visor so you can chat and drive safely for $89.99. (

$50 and under

North Face Liner Gloves: Intended as livers for heavy outer gloves, these light weight gloves are comfy and cosy down to about -10 C and have a rubber pattern on the palm which makes gripping a snowbrush or steering wheel easy. At just $25, every Canadian driver should have a pair of these. (

Kool Lifestyle Calendar 2013: My friend Dirk “The Pixeleye” is one of the world’s greatest hot rod and pin-up photographers. His 2013 Kool Lifestyle Calendar would be perfect for that last bit of space on my garage wall. Selling for just 19.99 euros, budget a few extra bucks for shipping from Germany. (