Gift Guide: Clean, green and a writing machine

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No limit gift
Being a fan of fine pens, I’d be tempted to keep Porsche Design’s TecFlex pen for myself, but I’ll give it to my Designated Passenger and then borrow it back.

Porsche makes several pen designs, but the TecFlex has the most automotive look to it. The barrel is made of braided stainless steel, meant to mimic the look of the mesh used on brake lines. You can get one with gold-plated threads woven into it, too.

Okay, so they’re not cheap: the stainless-only rollerball is $410, and the fountain pen is $580. But just imagine what you’d pay for that same brake mesh if it were attached to a new 911 instead. Porsche Design, 77 Bloor St. W., 416-929-1800,

Gifts under $100

Winter can be hard on batteries, and a portable jump starter means you’re not begging other drivers to let you boost off their cars. You can get basic ones for about $100 at auto parts stores such as NAPA,

Nasty weather is also hard on cars. We tend to wash our vehicles less often in winter, but this is when they really need to be kept clean to reduce salt damage. Give a gift card for a half-dozen luxury washes from the nearest gas station or car wash.

Gifts under $50

Most people don’t check their tire pressure often enough, but if you’re not running the right amount of air, you could be wasting fuel. Even worse, your car won’t handle as well as it should, and that’s a real issue in winter driving. Auto parts stores sell regular and digital versions from $3 to $30.

If you want an auto-themed Christmas tree, Hallmark has a way-cool 1936 Ford fire truck ornament for $25. Maybe it’ll also help jog your memory about turning off the tree lights when you go out.

  • Gift Guide: Clean, green and a writing machine

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